CDP Project Manager

  • 公司企业: SSC P&C China
  • 國家 / 地區 : China
  • 业务范围: 香水和化妆品
  • 合同类型: 固定工作
  • 行业: 信息系统
  • 要求经验: 最少5年
  • 编号: SSCPC00855
  • 发布日期: 2021年04月14日


Key Accountabilities:

>  Understand the data value and the mechanism how data can help business growth
>  Create functional requirements and identify gaps in data collection. Collaborate with teams from different parts of the organization to fill data gaps
>  Build out and document user cases, products, and supporting data requirements
>  Create and standardize templates and processes for data specifications, functional requirements, use case validations, training, and user adoption
>  Give direction and collaborate with data architect in the design of the data model and data architecture patterns to support consumer identity and profile; reporting at business unit, segmentation, activation, and syndication segments to applications
>  Implement framework and processes to provide lineage of data collection, integration, and consumption
>  Ensure CDP is built with data security and governance to meet the organization's procedures, policies, and regulatory requirements
>  Provide technology recommendations to support CDP use cases
>  Ensure the highest standard of quality in the final solution


>  Solid understanding on China E-Commerce and social environment
>  Rich experiences in CDP, analytics, data driven marketing, and digital transformation
>  Experience in data architecture and data modeling is required
>  Experience in architecture patterns and computing technology at application, database, and system levels is required
>  Experience in developing a data platform using big data and distributed data technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, and Snowflake is required
>  Experience with working in digital applications, CRM, paid media, social, and offline data is preferred
>  Solution oriented and business focused to set priorities based on available budget and resources
>  Good education background with major in science